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Enjoying life in the senior years too: this meal is specially tailored to the needs of those of our dear little rascals who have reached a certain age, containing herbs, fruits and the finest ingredients.

  • Ideal as grainfree nutrition for small dogs from 8 years onwards
  • Measured mineral content to protect the inner organs
  • Reduces the risk of tartar formation
  • With high-grade fatty acids from salmon for healthy skin and shiny fur
  • With herbs and fruits: (carob, chicory root, raspberries, peppermint, parsley, chamomile, rose hips, liquorice root, aronia, fenugreek seeds, blueberries, marigold, fennel)

Visavertis pašaras suaugusiems šunims

  • Pakuotės dydis:
  • 900g
  • 5x900g
Visavertis pašaras suaugusiems šunims
džiovinta lašiša; džiovintos bulvės; džiovintos saldžioji bulvė; paukštienos riebalai; bulvių baltymas; cukrinių runkelių miltai; žirnių miltai; saldžiavaisio pupmedžio miltai; hidrolizuoti žuvų baltymai; mineralai; hidrolizuoti gyvūninės kilmės baltymai; obuoliųišspaudų; mielės; žolelės, vaisiai; cikorijos miltai;
MINIVITA sudėtis
  inactive/older normally active active
2 kg 35 g 45 g 50 g
4 kg 60 g 80 g 90 g
6 kg 70 g 85 g 100 g
8 kg 75 g 100 g 115 g
10 kg 90 g 120 g 145 g

Please note that the indicated quantities are only guideline values ??and must be adapted to the feeding condition of your animal as well as its activity. Always provide your pet with fresh drinking water

Produkto pranašumai

tartar prophylaxe

tartar prophylaxe

Reduced risk of tartar formation by binding calcium in the saliva.


This recipe does not contain any grain and is suitable as a daily grainfree food for healthy and sensitive dogs.


Valuable antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and taurine counteract cell ageing. L-carnitine helps prevent age-related muscle loss. The reduced phosphorus content supports renal function